Our values: taste, transparency and trust

A unique taste that is conquering taste buds worldwide

Our original speculoos successfully passed iTQI’s renowned taste test: an international jury of 135 leading chefs submitted our biscuits to a blind taste test, rated them over 91,3% and granted us a 3 golden stars Superior Taste Award. A label we’ll proudly wear over the next few years!

And there is more to enjoy: we’ve also developed a speculoos with hazelnuts from farmer Federico in Piedmont and a speculoos with nibs, little pieces of roasted pure cocoa beans, from farmer José in Peru.

“Stimulate all your senses: smell that delicious scent, sink your teeth in our ultra crispy biscuits, taste the real butter and the differents spices. One after the other... Enjoy every crumb! "

Total transparency on the origin of our ingredients

We buy our main ingredients 100% from the organic farmers we're working with and we tell you who they are and where they're cultivaring our ingredients. That sounds easy, but – trust us – it’s not… We've put a lot of time and effort in our search but in the end we've found our 3 farmers. We've made unique agreements with them and established the necessary logistical methods. Therefore we can garantuee you that all our wheat is 100% sourced from farmer Thibault, our hazelnuts 100% from farmer Federico and our cocoa 100% from farmer José.

Belgian organic wheat, sourced 100% from our farmer Thibault from Beaumont
Belgian organic wheat, sourced 100% from our farmer Thibault from Beaumont

For each speculoos biscuit we're baking, we only use flour coming from the wheat of farmer Thibault. It was a real challenge finding a Belgian farmer who can provide us top quality organic wheat, enough for all the biscuits we bake each year. A long journey took us to farmer Thibault in Beaumont. With him and with our local miller, we developed a unique collaboration, garantueeing us the supplying of Thibault's wheat.

Organic hazelnuts, sourced 100% from farmer Federico from Piedmonte (Italy)
Organic hazelnuts, sourced 100% from farmer Federico from Piedmonte (Italy)

Obviously we also use the flour of our farmer Thibault in our speculoos with hazelnuts. And of course we needed to find premium organic hazelnuts. During our quest, we arrived in Italy, in Piedmont more specifically, known for the best hazelnuts in the world. There we met farmer Federico. On his magnificient orchard, we decided to work together.

Organic cocoa, sourced 100% from farmer José from Peru
Organic cocoa, sourced 100% from farmer José from Peru

For our third speculoos we wanted to add cocoa nibs, little pieces of pure cocoa beans, to our main recipe with wheat from farmer Thibault. Of course cocao beans don't grow next door. For more than a year and on different continents, we kept searching for the best organic cocoa beans... Until we met farmer José from Peru, thanks to a friend who is chocolatier. Under the Peruvian sun a new collaboration was born.

Trust is no new concept.

My great-grandfather built La Confiance on it, back in 1924.

“La Confiance was founded by my great-grandfather, Jozef Borms, who was a baker back in the 1920’s, and his baking partner August. They didn’t just pick this name by coincidence. Confiance means as much as trust. Jozef believed that one should earn the trust of people by being honest, trustworthy and going for the best every day. Values which he also passed on to my grandfather and father.

A few years ago, I found back his speculoos recipe. That inspired me to follow my dreams, filled with the same beliefs my great-grandfather treasured. That’s why we bring this authentic family recipe from 1924 back to life, using only the best organic ingredients grown by our farms. To bring you the joy of the sublime taste of La Confiance speculoos!”

Leo Borms
Founder La Confiance

Traditional production

Of course we use modern equipment in our bakery, yet with respect for the great Belgian speculoos tradition. We use bronze moulds to achieve a perfect golden baked speculoos biscuit and we take the time for our dough to rest and fully develop its flavour… Less processing. More time to knead, to rest the dough and bake. More taste for you!


Authentic spices

We chose to reduce the amount of sugar in our recipe and use the authentic spices my great-grand father. With great care we select spices of the best quality and we add them perfectly dosed to our dough. 

Deliciously crispy

And we literally mean crrrrrrispy! Every speculoos biscuit in every pack must bring you our delicious scent, our sublime taste, our delightful texture and just the right dash of sweetness. We want them to be yummie till the last crumb. Anytime you like...